Tuesday, 24 March 2015

Death Penalty for Rape

India after 68 years of independence though has achieved economic political and social progress but has constantly forgotten it's cultural values is what it can be believed. we say we should treat woman as individual agents, equally responsible as men are in the society , but is being considered equally responsible is anywhere the reason responsible for being raped? 

The people who at their top of their voices shout against gender discrimination are the same people who say she shouldn't have worn jeans it provokes people when a woman gets raped, it is hard to believe that we live amongst people who worship woman in the form of goddesses but don't think for a second before raping them. 

And what are the reasons? Because her clothes were provoking or she said no to have any sexual relationship with you or you want to show how manly you are? You got a dick so that makes you a man, biologically speaking yes you are but you are no more than a pussy.

Rapists are equivalent  to murderers because they kill the soul of the victim, the victim is broken to an extent where it is no longer possible to restore the pieces, the person is lost; gone forever.

Now for a murderer what would be considered as the worst punishment? Death? Death is  final. "You're hanged till death" the judge orders and within few minutes the rapists dies. Dies without any regrets,  dies without having any realization of what pain she went through, of how badly she is broken.

The punishment of murdering someone's soul, of breaking her into so many pieces that she won't ever be able to fix herself again is death? So easy and so quick?

Giving the person death penalty is just the easiest punishment he could ever get or ask for but people like these should have there days be made living hell, should be made to suffer everyday for their rest of their lives, made to suffer at that extent that they beg and ask for death but even death defies them.

Death penalty for rapists seems like a solution but it is not, rapes occur almost ever 2.5 minute across the world with a population as large as 7 billion it is nearly impossible to award death penalties to every rapist.

So death penalties for rape are almost out of the equation a person no less than Satan does not deserve a punishment as easy as death.

 Instead of discussing what punishments should be given to a rapist we should be discussing how rapes should be stop and let me tell you people don't teach your daughters how to dress or how to behave teach your sons on how to treat ladies and for people who think she was raped because she smokes, or because she wears short skirts or because she drinks or she's took drugs or  because she wasn't careful enough. she got raped because someone raped them.


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  1. Look the punishment for any crime should depend upon the damage caused by the crime. Even a single incidence of non violent rape can leave the victime traumatized for life. In such a case jail time or even whipping can be the appropriate punishment if the rapist shows genuine repentance. But then there are certain crimes which are beyond redemption. Being a serial rapist, repeatedly raping someone or violent rape are such crimes. Once proven the guilty should first of all be castrated and then publicaly beheaded so that people know what happens to those who indulge in such crimes. Instead of creating an environment of fear for the victim we should create such an environment for the perpetrators of such henious crimes.


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