Tuesday, 17 March 2015

Discover Goa

Goa can be easily summed up into this one sentence – It is one of those places in this part of the country wherein you never mind losing yourself because, trust me, you discover a part of yourself that you had completely been alien to, until then. Yes, such is the beauty and complexity of this place.

The outlook welcomes you with exactly five beaches and the similar looking markets, the alcohol and the DJ nights, the babes and the dudes and maybe that’s why it is one such place wherein your counterpart who sits behind you on the two-wheeler holds a more prominent place for your odds on the journey than yourself. For it can be easily written off as just another repetition of beaches (read: the same alcohol) with the only interesting place being the aquarium.

But Goa is much more than the things mentioned above – it is about the terrific and amazingly huge market at the Anjuna beach, that settles itself for the costumers for only one day of a particular week. It is about the irresistible fish at the Palolem beach and the equally mouth-watering chicken biryani and chicken shawarma at Colva.

Goa is about witnessing amazing fair skinned dancers compete with a pot-bellied tiny Indian man at a reputed Discotheque while indulging in an eye-talk with a random foreigner and, the rest as they say, is history. It is about one of the most amazing place on planet Earth, under the name, Dudhsagar waterfall (wouldn’t share much about this amazing place, witness it for yourself. It is the good-looking thing in the film Chennai Express, apart from Deepika Padukone of course.)

Goa, as I mentioned above, is the place where you discover the wild and dirty in you, for how would you explain the fact that I was the least wasted and the most decent of the three people who had entered the discotheque four hours from them; the three people being – me, my dad and my brother-in-law.

So if you are someone in their late teens or early twentie’s, lie and sneak out to this place, for this would be one of the most cherished memories of your entire life. But, behave, for there are many more memories to come. *cheers!


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