Wednesday, 18 March 2015

On not having a Roommate

The web world is flashing across various articles on 10-20-30 things that tell you have the best/worst room-mate. There even is this application or something that tells who suits best as your room-mate. Such wow things! But there is still a section of young people, who ignore every time any such update pops up their screen. They are the loners, roomie-less youngsters. Ever cared for the sad look on their faces as you go about tagging your roomie in the comments,  inviting him/her to read a certain point #4, #5 and so on?

Yes people, for every  laugh you share over those never ending talks, every night with your regular buddy, there might be a lonely soul lulling herself to sleep with her mindless self-talks. And while having watched a whole season of your favorite TV series,  you guys can wake up whenever you want (and may be begin the new season), a poor guy might be waking up at the hit of his mother’s belan.

But don’t you take them to be a bunch of pathetic  loners! They too have their  fair share of happiness, having the room all to themselves, ruling out the unexpected (and sometimes most of the time, unnecessary) visits of relatives.

Here goes my list on how to be happy about having no room-mate:

1.      Being the only one in the room, you are free to be yourself. Sing, hum, dance. And do it all loudly.
2.      No bickering on whether the light will be kept on or off.
3.      Your room, your rules. Dirty it or pamper it, do it as it pleases.
4.      No compulsion to take in the site of posters of bollywood stars you might be very dearly loathing.
5.      No one to blabber around on how  your things are always in a mess.
6.      You get all the time and space to talk your heart out with your lover over those much awaited phone calls. Isn’t it so much better than just ‘hmmm’ing, ‘cause well, there are a pair or two of ears enjoying your talks.
7.      Or if you are from the Anti-love brigade, it can’t get better. No mushy whispers to disturb your sleep.
8.      You don’t have to stay mute on a Skype chat with your bestie, ‘cause there is no one in the room who is eavesdropping on your secrets.
9.      Having mentioned that, you are spared of the relationship advices you actually never needed.
10.  Wondering about the company you need after a fight with the same lover? Well, boys you can just booze it down, and girls, you can do it too, or what are chocolates for! Even better is sleeping it off, my dear friends. There is nothing as delightful as a sleep with no one keeping you up with his/her jabbers.
11.  Feeling low? Tune in to your favorite number and jump around, while no one’s watching.
12.  Hate sharing your clothes? Thank your single life for the absence of any such pain of giving away your favorite dress/shirt to  your  roomie for a sudden date.
13.  Same goes for your shoes. I understand you don’t like anyone to ‘get into your shoes’ and see the world.
14.  Your mother makes the best gujhiyas, and you absolutely don’t like to share your food. And you live alone. Be happy!
15.  And the final one, who says you are alone? Look around. Are those spiders and lizards lurking around less than anyone? And how can you forget the pack of those mosquitoes who pay you a visit every single night, unfailingly, to keep a check on you! They are there for company. Don’t ignore them.
16.  You should even try talking to them once, when you can’t fall asleep. Get to know things on their side, may be?

Happy Life! ;)


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