Thursday, 19 March 2015

Why you need a Roommate

From parties to sleepovers, mesmerizing likes to disastrous dislikes, Bournvita to tequila and sneak in’s to sneak out’s.

A roommate is in charge of all we do or ever dare to do.
Nonetheless, what chemistry roomiesendure plays an important role.
Have you ever thought to share a flat with someone, only to find out you can't even think about living together?

Sustaining with someone could turn out to be poignant, especially having a different background. Mindset never allow to shatter a shell build long back, exploring the real world practically has turned out to be a myth, still, change is the spice of life.

Try living with a room-mate and you would never regret the decision.

All sorts of lectures are showered from making to breaking. Personal space is irresistibly hijacked yet in accordance to all beautiful means some aloof time is granted too.

Days gradually turn wonderful.

Absolutely no pressure to look like a princess/hunk every time. No boundary lines are set, could totally be what one really like to be. Fake-ism loses its existence.


No matter how flea-bitten your apartment is, nothing to mind about, as you are sailing in the same boat merrily.


For instance if your roomie goes outta town, you could dance for 20 seconds at max followed with a sudden realizationof missing them unconditionally.


Cooking and experimenting together is generally the favorite of all the tasks. How to learn instant recipes adding a *yummilicious* together effect.


And you have double treat every day. Your wardrobe is equivalent to theirs. Choose your trouser with your roomies tee or vice-versa. You can even totally hog on their wardrobe, it is always wonderful.


Even when you do try out wacky dresses, you have someone besidesto give a wise and acceptable feedback.

A mom away from home – they always check the reasons of being late.


You’re always super-duper safe because there’s someoneis keeping an eyeon you in case of irresponsibility.



Dumbest questions start having a meaning when you are with them.


And they are aware of everything you do, ever, from intimacy to being charged up.


Round the corner their friends become your friends, so you have double treats again.


And, most importantly when you wait for the clock to strike 5 just to see your roomie, wait to babble every possible detail about the day, it’s when you are absolutely having a delicious ROOMMATE ever.


One of the best decisions of living with a room-mate.


Swatii Chandak.

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