Wednesday, 4 September 2013

200 Crores

Rs.100  crore isn't enough anymore. With augmented budgets, grander hype and wider release patterns, Bollywood biggies are now gunning for Rs.200-crore collections.

The mega success of the Shah Rukh Khan-Deepika Padukone starrer Chennai Express confirms as much.Within a span of just 17 days, Chennai Express has earned Rs.211 crore in the domestic market, while Yeh Jawani Hai Deewani had taken in Rs.185 crore at the Indian box office.

Last year's biggest blockbuster Ek Tha Tiger may have just missed the 
Rs.200-crore mark in the domestic market with a net collection worth Rs.199.3 crore, but with a global intake of Rs.258.93 crore net, the film still remains in the top three of all times along with 3 Idiots and Chennai Express.
Every second Bollywood film is conveniently tucking in Rs 100 crore, making it the latest tagline for films in place of the good old ‘Running  successfully all over.’ 

Mr Shah Rukh Khan is an Economics graduate from Delhi University. In Economics, monopoly is an interesting strategy that helps you sell your product at a higher price and earn enormous profit. With monopoly, the seller dominates. And buyers follow. Another funda is – if a particular product has been missing from the market for a long time, it will certainly kick start with a positive response, owing to the initial unavailability.  

Well! After witnessing a series of enthralling promotions by Mr. khan himself we can definitely make a citational comment that Movie was destined to be in list of 200 crore. SRK invested more energy than money in promotion, the day he was here at my University, promoting Chennai Express, we witnessed a crowd of more than 35,000 people cheering for SRK, Deepika just added a bit of spice to the atmosphere.
Presence of Shahrukh khan himself sent the students here into Euphoria making it certain for the business of Chennai Express to boost up, now imagine or calculate 35,000*175(the general amount at Big Cinema here), well the calculator says 61 lacs 27 thousand and 5 hundred rupees.

"Not all 100 crore films are great films. Sometimes people watch films because they want to be entertained. It is just a number today, tomorrow it will be 150 crore because such huge success is not an outcome of a film's aesthetic quality but the changing nature of film business. As an actor and producer, I make films for a different target group. If my target audience is small, my films won't do 100-crore business, but for me that is okay" said John recently.

According to a daily, “Disney UTV and Red Chillies, the co-producers of Chennai Express, have not stopped promoting the movie in print and television even after its release. Khan, who is also the promoter of Red Chilies said in a chat with Business Standard that for a movie like Chennai Express, the strategy of release and promotion are very important in its success. “For example, now that we know that the movie is becoming popular as a family movie, we'll target more screens and shows that are frequented by families,” he revealed. The strategy seems to be working as the movie continues to draw footfalls to the cinema halls”.

Well, at the end, all we can say is Congrats Shah Rukh khan! You have made it large…

Pranav Shree

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