Monday, 30 September 2013


Art is creativity. Art is beautiful in all forms. It is a great way to express emotions and feelings. A great way to put your perspective and speak out loud in front of the world! Graffiti is another form of Art which is unique in its own way. Graffiti is writing or drawing on a wall or a surface in a public place. 

The concept itself is so amazing- No “thumb rules”, no protocols just write or draw your mind out on a wall. It’s like you are given a chance to give vent to all your emotions without any reserve! Everyone feels the need to free himself and scratch on walls somewhere before going insane! Thus, Graffiti allows one to free himself and emancipate. There are many different types and styles of graffiti and it is a rapidly developing form of Art.

Graffiti as an expression of REBEL-
Graffiti has been often used as an expression of rebel, revolution, non-conformity, discontentment or radical change. The walls in the streets of Cuba were often painted red with a huge Che Guevara face. You can notice graffiti of a man shouting out loud with revolution written below it on the walls in the streets of many Latin American cities. You can see graffiti as a method of expressing sexual orientation, on the walls in streets of California. You can witness graffiti saying out loud against dictatorship in the streets of Germany. It has been a trend, putting graffiti on the walls in public places to show discontentment against government or political parties. Putting such graffiti is mighty affective, it proves that the people are thinking and that makes the government nervous!

Graffiti is Hippie Culture-
The hippies actually contributed in making the concept of graffiti famous! The hippies have eccentric life styles, they travel and explore things. Hippie fashions and values had a major effect on culture, influencing popular music, television, film, literature, and the arts. They just travelled across nations- smoking, talking, playing music and making graffiti during their journeys. The graffiti that these hippies created gave the local population something to appreciate and contemplate on.

Graffiti and Rock and Music-
Music, hard rock and progressive rock in particular had a huge impact on people making them make graffiti on walls in the streets. The music had such a psychological effect on people that they started imagining things and scratching lines on walls! You must have noticed walls with graffiti of popular rock stars, guitars, drums or piano. It’s like people listen to a song and then decipher it and put their perspective on wall.

We often see graffiti on streets and we try to connect with them and understand them. Every graffiti has a message and a purpose! Art in all forms is beautiful and bestowed with creativity. You notice graffiti in different areas of Delhi as well; old Delhi, Chandni Chawk and yes Hauz Khas area etc. Art is an evolutionary act and it is something dynamic. The forms of art and its role in society keep constantly changing! Remember, it’s all about creative freedom- “No Rules in Art”.

  Rohan Kalia

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