Wednesday, 25 September 2013

Modi Fever

Third among the six children of Damodardas Mulchand Modi and his wife Heeraben is a lad with extraordinary vision and strategic mind, NARENDRA MODI. Born on 17th September 1950 to a grocer family, currently is the 14th chief minister of Gujarat. A strong and deserving candidate for the prime ministerial poll for 2014 Lok Sabha.

An average student but a keen debater as told by one of his primary school teacher, Narendra Modi is awarded:
Gujarat Ratna by Shri Poona Gujarati Bandhu Samaj at Ganesh Kala Krida Manch on celebration of centenary year.

E-Ratna award by the Computer Society of India.
Best Chief Minister – In a nationwide survey conducted in 2006 by India Today magazine, Narendra Modi was declared the Best Chief Minister in the country.
Asian Winner of the FDi Personality of the Year Award for 2009 by FDi magazine.
In March 2012, Modi appeared on the cover of the Asian edition of the Time magazine, one of India's few politicians to have done so.

Representing the Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) he is the center-right National Democratic Alliance for the upcoming 2014 Indian general elections. In July 2007, he became the longest-serving Chief Minister in Gujarat's history when he had been in power for 2,063 days continuously. He is currently into his fourth consecutive term as Chief Minister. He was the main strategist in 1995 and 1998 Gujarat state election campaigns.

Though blamed to be controversial and criticized for some of the activities and beliefs, he is a strong personality, with great business skill and understanding of economic politics. He has completed his Master's degree in political science from Gujarat University.

For the decade 2001–2010, Gujarat recorded a Compound annual growth rate of 10.97%, the highest among all Indian states. Modi's government has worked to brand Gujarat as a state of dynamic development and economic growth and prosperity, using the slogan "Vibrant Gujarat”. Gujarat's social indicator improved from a much lower baseline than other Indian states. Modi interacted with netizens on Google+ on 31 August 2012. The chat session was also broadcast live on YouTube. The questions were submitted before the chat, and those broadcast were mostly based on issues about education, youth empowerment, rural development and causes of urbanisation.The hashtag #ModiHangout became the most trending term in India at Twitter on the day of the session, whereas #VoteOutModi, used by Modi's opponents, became the third most trending term in the country. The event made Modi the first Indian politician to interact with netizens through live chat on the internet.

In the 2012 Gujarat legislative assembly elections, Modi won from the constituency of Maninagar with a majority of 86,373 votes over Sanjiv Bhatt's wife, Shweta, who was contesting for the Indian National Congress. The BJP as a whole won 115 of the 182 seats; it has formed the government in Gujarat since 1995 and has had an absolute majority throughout Modi's time in office.

Later in the by-elections for six seats, the BJP won all the seats in Gujarat which consisted of four assembly seats and 2 Lok Sabha seats. Interestingly, BJP won all these seats although Modi never campaigned for its candidates and all the seats were held by the Congress prior to the by-elections. This brought up the number of seats held by the BJP in the state assembly to 119. In March 2013, Modi was appointed as member of the BJP Parliamentary Board, its highest decision-making body, and also as a Chairman of the party's Central Election Campaign Committee. Modi was selected to head the poll campaign for 2014 parliamentary election, at the national level executive meeting of BJP on 10 June 2012.

In three opinion polls conducted by news agencies and magazines, Narendra Modi was the preferred choice among Indians for the post as Prime Minister in the forthcoming parliamentary elections. Just the way Anil Kapoor did amazing work in one day in the movie “Nayak”, majority of citizens of India are expecting and wanting same kind of revolution in our nation.  Mr. Modi –a one man army can take our country at heights with developmental changes and progress plan.

Vitasta Ganjoo 

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