Thursday, 5 September 2013


It was time for Web design class in my college. Though it is a class which has to teach us web designing, we instead dealt with concepts such as design and creativity and related key words. 

Art is definitely a form of expression. No doubt on that. Design is a resolution to a problem or a task. Ideas are shaped by observing and experiencing things surrounding us and the way we apply it to create something is reliant on our skills. When these things were explained in class, I was not having any confusion or any nostalgia feeling. I have read and heard about it many times. Next key words were creativity and talent. While explaining the basic justification of the concepts, my course instructor told something very interesting and also something that was strikingly emotional. 

The course instructor said every child on this earth is creative. The creativity although drifts apart when these same kids are sent to school. In school, most of the teachers try hard to make sure that class is divided into excellent and not so excellent students. I have seen it myself and not only me but many of you might have gone through this same ritual.  And next set of people who is to be blamed are some parents.  There are few set of parents who forget that their children are not any trophy for them to flaunt it in front of their guests who are potential enough to make their kids feel worthless or talentless.  Relatives (oh my god) are very obnoxious in some terms. They come with punctuation of comparisons of their kids with others. These kinds of treatment are more evident during the results time. 

When I was in school, I often saw how my teachers lauded my fellow classmates with their work. My teachers made others in class to revere these masterminds who were tagged as ‘born talented’ fellows. We were little tots then, and did as we were told. The class was figuratively divided into superior and inferior. There were clashes in our tiny minds. I often felt how can someone not having a liking towards me or any other kids for a matter of fact just because we did not acquire great marks, or not good in dancing, not good in singing or not extremely talented in anything. I remember I used to secure ‘A’ grade for my dancing skills. But after one accident I just could not continue dancing. And also, I do remember how I learnt to make my first paper craft boat meticulously from my parents but it did not receive appreciation because it was not creative when it was compared to other crafts. In the end, I lost the competition both craft and also the race of the so-called-who-is-more-creative.

I remember the extent of embarrassment I had to go through when I had to stand in front of the class just because I used forget the multiplication tables of 3. I wish I could meet my teacher now and tell her that it was really not necessary and now I can tell the tables without a break! If she remembers me then her ears would never believe else she would think I am just some unknown girl who is a lunatic and had a disturbing childhood. I know I sound very rude. And she was rude too. She used to twist my ears and always insult me whenever she used to see me outside the class. 

For heaven’s sake, stop comparing kids. Instead encourage them. Help them in managing their time. Help them with understanding how to prioritize things in their life which will be helpful in the long run. This will help the kids keep themselves organized in their approach towards both curricular and co-curricular life. Like Pablo says “Every child is an artist. The problem is staying an artist when you grow up.”

Sridevi Nayak K


  1. I am sure you would make a better teacher. Having gone through all that, you would, perhaps make every effort to make a student comfortable in his own skin.

    And this is coming on Teacher's day. What a day for this post to come. You have presented two sides of a teacher - one your Web Design course instructor and second your other teacher who features in the latter part. Good things in life make life good. And bad things, well, bad things make you or 'should' make you more patient, understanding, forgiving and seldom, creative too.

    Your article was insightful: I could relate to it. Good writing.

  2. Agree with Pablo's quote.

    My teacher's too had divided the class into 2 : clever and dull

    In a class test the clever student's books would be collected first , given, marks announced with much fan-fare and later the dull student's books would be corrected with bad vibes. If I were to meet the teacher today, I will ask her , had she brought up her two daughters the same way?

  3. Thankfully, we did not have such division... and had some of the best teachers I could have ever had. Those were not the days of umpteen extracurricular activities and too much peer pressure or 'international' schooling for that matter. Glad to revisit those good old days after reading your post.


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