Tuesday, 10 September 2013

College Fests

Through out the year, you prioritize things. To you things like snooker and drinks at the Cue Lounge inside your campus seems a waste of time you utilize this leisure period by going through journals in Library or by hovering over net in digital library.

When you work hard by going to library and looking for that specific book ,you are not just making yourself feasible but you are making your college proud too, tomorrow when you will go out and set standards then your college will award you at Alumni’s meet.

But, going to the same class everyday, staring at the projector screen and fighting whether to concentrate or to sleep, you are getting spent and you need a break…

College Fest is that break, which makes your college experience an exciting stint.

What marriage is to relatives is Fests to students.

Bigger the University, Grandeur the celebration. Vellore Institute of Technology rolled Sunidhi Chauhan—The singing sensation of our country— in last year for their annual fest Riveria, following VIT, KIIT Bhubhaneshwar, presented a scintillating show by Benny Dayal—The Lat Lag Gayi Fame—for their students, India’s largest university too was bound to do something unique, so, Lovely Professional University (commonly known as IIT Chehru) financed Coke Studio on campus becoming the first ever University in India to host Coke studio, the Band witnessed a crowd of more than 33,000 students and 5000 working staff. We can say for Private Universities, such Fests are a mocking chance or call it as a “kisme Kitna hai Dum” contest.

Well, India owes the best tech-fests to the imperial institution ‘IIT’. IITs have always been the rank one when it comes to organizing fests and presenting epitome of all shows.

Fests are not cynically only about recreational activities and Rock shows, these days colleges see it as a chance to compete with other colleges and set a Benchmark.

Over decade’s definition of Fests have been re-written well according to the intricate investigation, the imperial institution owns credit for such a transformation. 

Today Fests have a total different pursuit. LPU’s National fest Youth Vibes invites entries from all over the country, making a concord relation through the country via colleges.
College fests are a chance for entrepreneurs to get noticed and a chance for Freelancer Artists to sell their innocuous art at a reasonable price to an audience of contemporary age.

Pranav Shree


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