Tuesday, 17 September 2013

Cricket is here to stay

Cricket—a seven letter word which inculcates the consciousness of every single man living in India, no matter his religion, his age or his family background.

Cricket has long ceased to be just a game.

The Indo-Pak match attracts more eyes and ears than the Indo-Pak border disputes. Such affection and attraction gives birth to questions like When did cricket became a religion in India and Why?

If you scrutinize for When then Why part is not very difficult to understand given the circumstances that cricket is mainly an English sports that has been played for a long time in India now.

Subconsciously, We Indians were trying to prove our superiority over Britain by playing good Cricket.
Generation changed and for the new generation on board cricket was in blood and with that Cricket surpassed the tag of a Sport.

Cricket a game played with 11 players keeps the whole nation united while 572 elected politicians find it very difficult to do.
Cricket started as a sport for the upper class of English colony, but with time it has came down to masses. Take any random society in any random Indian city at any random time of day; chances are that a cricket match is going on there.

I remember when T20 came; I was surprised that a game of 50 overs should further be shrunk into a 20 over side affair. But to my amusement I misjudged the amount of pleasure it would give to many and it showed to me the flip side of the process.

A religion brings with it a set of Teachings to follow and work upon, it brings with it a clear cut idea of what a life should be like and it lets us be someone who we shall like. The same happens with Cricket, actions ON and OFF the pitch teaches us many life lessons.

Tendulkar walking away even when Umpire signals a Not Out sets a classic example of honesty in Life. The life lessons learnt from a game of cricket outweighs most of the bad stuff we would ever encounter.

Cricket is certainly here to stay and to be worshipped and it’s good if we decide to preach it in our lives.

Pranav Shree

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