Thursday, 26 September 2013

New year is not for everyone

New Year is already here and all are joyous because of the New Year and the new date.
 To me the new found happiness is DSLR camera; to my girlfriend it’s the but obvious good result of her first semester and alike so many people so many reasons of happiness.

But, all are not happy as New Year is not New for everyone, for few engineering students going 2012 gave few Re-appears and for worst to some 2012 gave even Backlogs. For commerce students breakup followed as they drank too much and kissed random girl in front of their girlfriend.  Still, backlogs and breakups can be cleared with little efforts in respective arena’s but what about the one who lost his 11 year old son due to chilly wind on the blazing 31st night.???

1st January 2013…

With the new found machine I and my elite full brother went for capturing scenes and creating portraits with mere thing in mind to improve with machine by focusing on object with ISO in background. Walking down the side of Holy River we traced reflected lights from many objects on screen with help of the CMOS sensor.

But given the world is omnibus and has a blotch of sadness and poverty spread all over, we saw a site of total euphemism, which according to government is Extinct:- “Lack Of Necessity…”

A family made us peer at their torn life and astonished belief.
They sat altogether and cried leaning over the dead body of their 11 year old son. The scene was wicked. We two boys tarried on the street corner discussing the nausea condition we felt. Going to the people around we learnt the lousy reason behind the death and it was the same Illicit Vow of government and local representatives of the government.

He died because of lack of necessity, He died of cold on the last night of 2012 (Apocalypse).
New Year Is Not New For Everyone…

You cry because you weren’t able to celebrate on 31st, because you missed the show of Dabangg 2 on 1st January, but who will care for the withered society and who will pay for the Fiasco’s of government.

We two boys thought of asking papa to help the family with blanket and warm clothes but it seemed Sham to us for helping them now when they have already lost everything they had and if we went with helping hand then we may have to face dastard move of them(We were scared…) but the care was still there in our mind and we made sure papa must provide a helping hand to someone in need and save from such an Apocalypse (the new word for destruction…)

New Year Is A Time To Do Something New And Do Something New And Do Something Good Because We Live In A Society Made By Us…

Pranav Shree


  1. It is a beautiful thought Pranav. Necessity is a relative term, for some it is the necessity to have fun at a gala New Year's Eve event, for some it is to be able to afford the now-expensive vada pav. But while there is a corrupt system, there are so many helping and caring people among us too. That's what is really keeping the world hopeful.

    1. :) Thank You, ma'am...:)

      All we can do is be sensible and available for the ones in need...


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