Wednesday, 4 December 2013

Winter is Coming


Time passes and seasons come and go. Each season bringing new hopes, inspirations and leaving us with memories! The year is divided into seasons. We have summers, winters, spring et al. Just like life keeps changing and is never constant, likewise seasons keep changing as well! It is really amazing that you inure yourself to a season and then you realize that it’s time for you to adapt to a different season now. In life you adapt to circumstances but you soon realize that now it’s time to face new challenges and set new goals. Yes, both life and seasons are all about dynamics and you have to be on your toes always. Every season brings new hopes and aspirations.

India has a great diversity of seasons as well. Specially, winters in the northern part of the country is intense but still beautiful. Not only you get to see some really awesome views but you also get a chance to see “snow fall” at times. Places in the northern part of the nation are just beautiful to see in the winters. The fog (sometimes smog), the cloudy sky and the snowy winds are some of the quintessential features of the northern winters.

The winter’s attire is something that is fun as well! The blazers, the sweaters, the jackets and the traditional wears like pashmina shawls; add to the beauty of the season. So, winters give you a chance to brag about and demonstrate your suave dressing style as well! Mornings in winters are beautiful but they induce the bad habit of being lazy as well! And these bad habits themselves are like warm beds in winters- Very easy to get in, very difficult to get out! Another thing that is exciting about winters is the drama of saying 'winter is coming'. 

Yes, it really is fun announcing the arrival of the grand winters and it exudes immense positivity and excitement. Winters also give you the luxury of being able to see sunrises. Sunrises are just beautiful, always! The rays of sun give you immense hope and solace. The rapture of watching a sunrise is really priceless!

Tea and Coffee just add to the rapture of the winters. A hot cup of tea or coffee is always welcome. Yes, and bonfire is fun too! 

Sitting around bonfire with friends or family is simply awesome in winters. Another exciting thing about winters is the time period between 25th and 31st. All are excited and gung ho about the Christmas and the New Year. So, the last week of the year is all about fun and excitement. As the winter chill becomes more biting, traditional food comes into fashion. It is really nice to beat the fury of the freezing temperatures while munching mouth watering stuffs! Some food items really behoove the season of winters.

So, here is a winter again and your chance to enjoy the beautiful season. Free your mind, emancipate yourself, enjoy the season and yes appreciate nature!     



  1. Thanks for the nice narration of winter season in Northern part of India. In South, especially in Chennai, there are only 3 seasons. Hot, Hottest, and Murder.

    1. Thanks SG. Tell you what, your comments are often more interesting than the blog posts!

  2. The best of the winter is it being the festive season. Worst part is it makes me toooo lazy :(
    I love sunrays in winter and tea coffee are a solace !
    Good one rohan

  3. Many Thanks for reading it Afshan! Yeah,Tea and Coffee are really a solace. Well, ya name itself is radiant and full of light so that may help to counter attack the winters!


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