Friday, 11 April 2014

If money did not exist

If money was not the factor, would you still chase your dream?
-The Jokerr

Hypothetically speaking ofcourse, but would you? I wonder. Most people I know are passionate about money. But what I figure, what they are really passionate about is a certain life style, status, material things they can acquire with money. There’s this hilarious saying that : Though money can’t buy You happiness, it is always better to cry sitting in a Ferrari than in a regular car. Right?

So what if the there was no denomination as money?
Although there can be a very convincing economically viable answer to it. But am gonna take a fair strategic retreat from the financial point of view, cause I am on a philosophical high today. 

If there were no money to bind our elegant rears to our corporate seats it would be far more easier to chase our dreams. Have You heard about Quoran over achievers? With around a 1000 followers. Well, they obviously don’t do it for the money. They do it to be heard. I have come across these people there who can spend around 14-15 hrs on the web. Surfing.. Voicing their opinion. 

Therefore, I assume there are factors that drive people to do things just for the sake of ‘it’. It being anything, ranging from

ᵓ Fame
ᵓ Recognition
ᵓ Companionship
ᵓ Adventure.
ᵓ Adrenaline
.. although I can keep on adding, I am gonna stop here.
Alright, the real deal here was Would You still chase Your dream? Dream! Though having a ton of followers valuing Your opinions on certain subject matter is a thrill, come on! It is no one’s dream growing up! Is it?

Dream 73: Pilot
Who wouldn’t! They fly! They fly in the infinite sky. If I didn’t have this notorious reflex of throwing up at the mere mention of a somersault in mid air with the risk of Your life hanging halfway in the stratosphere, I’d be becoming one!

Dream 61: Painter
My cousin, she is a painter. And she is handicapped. But she paints. Cause that is her dream. Now that her condition worsens everyday (her disease is gnawing at her bones) she still paints. Maybe not as good enough as she used to, but she does.  Initially no one recognised her. She was a nameless, random artist. Nothing hindered her spirit though. Today she has met/ been invited for dinner by a number of public figures ranging from Namo to Mrs Sarla Birla

Dream 33: Dancer

Not one dancer I know dances for the heck of money involved in it. They dance because they want to. Cause they can whirl to the divine music that rings in their ear and paint a picture out of it. The earning part of it is a perk. (Am talking about dancers not trainers.)

Dream 29 : Speaker (Motivational)
I am assuming this was a dream to most of our nukkad ke chachas (Nukkad: turn in Hindi. Chacha here is not a dance form. Chacha is an Uncle). And they achieve it in parts each time they lecture the kids wasting their lives on adda.

These are all an excerpt from the list of my dreams. I don’t wish to bore my audience with my wish list. All the stupid things I want to be. However, I want to show, how a dream is about yourself. 

A dream is the expression of Your-self, a projection of who you are. I write when I am in panic, usually, it is like there’s this boil of emotions in me which needs to be committed somewhere. More often than not my own words heal me. I don’t write in cold sweat to av a return on investment. I write because like breathing, sometimes I simply have to. Cause otherwise I’d choke. Choke to a literary death.

When Ferrucio Lamborghini got the prototype designed for 350 GTV, it wasn’t for money. He designed to take it out against Enzo Ferrari (ego you see). Not knowing then that the same would become a leader of the market of high performance cars. And neither did Pranav Mistry designed this sixth sense technology out for money. (
This question ain’t that hypothetical. We have examples dotted all across the world proving against.

I have a dream to fly. And that has nothing to do with money. Most good things ain’t, I believe.



  1. Good one Swati! There has been a lot of importance given to money these days, but there are still people who believe in pursuing their dreams solely for internal satisfaction and the feeling of content. It makes them happy to achieve what they want to achieve, and that makes them special. Nice write up :)

    Just passing by... <3

    1. Thanx A,

      I saw your comment today. Sorry for the delay.
      Yes, money has become an integral factor and why shouldn't it when every thing one wants comes from it. But, what it takes to earn it is the point.
      I think You'll like The Fountainhead By Ayn Rand. Though not entirely yet the novel touches this topic in bylines. Underlying conflict.

      I visited Your blog. Insightful one. Intending to spend more time there.

      All the luck,

  2. "... hunt (fly) in the morning, fish (paint) in the afternoon, rear cattle (dance) in the evening, criticize (give speeches) after dinner, just as I have a mind, without ever becoming hunter (pilot), fisherman (painter), shepherd (dancer), or critic (speaker)." -Marx

    This is what I would do if money weren't a factor..that is, I would do whatever I wished and whenever I wished it :)

    Marx said that when we know we have created something and that that something is valuable to us and society, only then we feel happy...if in return for our work we receive nothing but remuneration, we get dissatisfied with life...he calls this, Alienation...and that's when we hear people saying things like "this isn't what I want out of life", "this isn't my passion", "I want something more from life", "paisa sab kuch nahi hota"..

    1. Y,
      Your quote is beautiful. Its a delight and You are right. I would too do what, when, how and whenever I wish to.
      I hope You like this profession I had talked about a year back in here,
      "" .

      Lemme know if you are interested in pursuing this profession! We'll form a cult! :)

      Cheers to life,

    2. Yep! I like what you've "created" there. We're on the same page i guess...or cult if you prefer :)


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