Wednesday, 9 April 2014

The queen of Arcadus

Once upon a Time there was a mighty King who ruled a wonderland called NoNeverLand.

One day after a heavy afternoon lunch, the king felt particularly inclined to a deep slumber. Since it was a hot day and most of his attendants were dozing off in the effect of a scrumptious royal dinner themselves, the king, tired of fanning himself for so long thought that maybe it would be appropriate for him now to tip-toe across the hallway to his room for a power nap. So off he went, really slow, one concerted step ahead of the other, taking care to not wake the guards up, careful not to tangle the royal nape at their sleepy legs. He did care a bit too much for his subjects, you see!

While climbing the stairway up, the King made sure to stop short and smell the flowers in the alley. ‘Oh! What a wonderous grace it is to be alive! The Good Lord blesseth us this day indeed!’, he exclaimed out of pure Love as a deep Peace descended on his Spirit and he closed his eyes. Ouch! He had put his nose too close to the Cacti. Grateful that his favourite plants were blossoming with flowers all around and still soaking in the happiness, he climbed up another fleet of the royal staircase and reached his terrace garden. This was his favourite place in the entire kingdom. A place where he could unwind. Stacked on wooden chairs, one above the other, were his favourite wines from his conquests all across the world. But as the king was hungry, he put aside his royal robe and felt the breeze softly caress his chiselled features and leave. Ah! The princess was on his mind again! How beautiful indeed it is to Love someone.. and how Special! To drown in the thoughts of someone who does not care for your affections one bit! Such sweet thoughts flit through his mind that unaware of the smile curve touching both his ears and how droopy love-dripply eyes had made him look so miserably foolishly in Love, he craved for the most beautiful feeling ever.. cold jewels on his bare chest. How Precious! It was the most beautiful night the day had crossed over to. The stars were upon him, shining brightly from a dark sky hung above. The king was in tears! I wonder how the kingdom fared today! I need to leave! With urgency, he turned around and started running down the stairs! Downstairs facing a large balcony, stood his most faithful friend and his confidante.

Ah Pal! I knew you always have my interests at heart! Did your painting come out well?’, said the King with gravity.
Look out for yourself dear’, said the Friend as he handed over the telescope to the king.
‘But I don’t see Margaret yet!’, replied the king, his eyes searching the landscape feverishly.
‘Ah Love! Grieve not! She’s not meant for us Fools!’

P.S. This random, no-sense post is a toast to the freedom this day gives us to be totally Foolish for one full day!

Fools! May you never be them!
May you never raise them!
May you never vote them!

Happy April Fools Day, guys! Have fun.. catching people in sweet wonder! ;)


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